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The ERX Installation Quick Start poster is shipped in the box with all new systems. This poster provides the basic procedures to help you get the system up and running quickly.

With each software release, we provide the ERX Edge Routers Documentation CD. The documentation CD contains the document set in PDF format and HTML format (with and without frames). From the HTML files, you can also access PDF files of individual chapters and appendixes.

The documentation is also available on the Web. You can order a set of printed documents from your Juniper Networks sales representative.

The document set comprises the following books:


Copies of the MIBs available in a software release are included on the ERX Edge Routers Software CD.

Release Notes

The ERX Release Notes are included on the ERX Edge Routers Software CD and are available on the Web. In the Release Notes, you will find information about features, changes, known problems, resolved problems, and system maximum values.


A complete list of abbreviations used in this document set, along with their spelled-out terms, is provided in the ERX System Basics Configuration Guide, Appendix A, Abbreviations and Acronyms.

Web Access

To view the documentation on the Web, go to:


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