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Installing the Routing Engine Housing in an M40 Router

To reinstall the Routing Engine housing into the rear of the M40 chassis, follow this procedure (see Figure 14):

  1. Attach an ESD wrist strap to your bare wrist and connect the wrist strap to one of the ESD points on the chassis.
  2. Place one hand underneath the housing to support it and grasp one of the handles on the front of the unit with the other hand.
  3. Align the rear of the unit with the slide guides inside the chassis.
  4. Slide the unit completely into the chassis.
  5. Tighten the six thumbscrews at the left and right edges of the Routing Engine housing.

    The Routing Engine might require several minutes to boot.

  6. After the Routing Engine boots, verify that the green Routing Engine LED labeled OK on the craft interface is lit.

    You can also issue the following CLI command to verify correct Routing Engine functioning:

    For further information, see the JUNOS Protocols, Class of Service, and System Basics Command Reference.

    Figure 14: Reinstalling the Routing Engine Housing in an M40 Router

    Image g001055.gif

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