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Installing a PC Card and Configuring It for JUNOS Software Installation

The slot labeled PC CARD on the Routing Engine faceplate accepts a Type I PC Card, as defined in the PC Card Standard published by the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA). The removable PC Card can be used to copy JUNOS software from the PC Card onto the Routing Engine. You can also copy JUNOS software from the Routing Engine onto a PC Card, for example, to create a backup copy of upgrade software that you have obtained from Juniper Networks.

Installing the PC Card

To install the removable PC Card, follow this procedure:

  1. Slide the compact flash disk into the PC Card adapter, if it is not already in the adapter.
  2. Orient the PC Card with the Juniper Networks logo facing in the direction specified on the Routing Engine faceplate. Insert the card into the slot labeled PC CARD in the Routing Engine faceplate.
  3. Press the card firmly all the way into the slot.

Configuring the PC Card

To configure the removable PC Card, follow this procedure:

Note: You must have UNIX superuser privileges to issue the dd command.

  1. Log into the Juniper Networks Support Web site, https://www.juniper.net/support/.

    To download the software packages, you must have a service contract and an access account. If you do not have an access account, complete the registration form at the Juniper Networks Web site, https://www.juniper.net/registration/Register.jsp.

  2. Navigate to the download page for JUNOS Internet software. Choose either Canada and U.S. Version or Worldwide Version.
  3. Download the Install Media package for the software release you are installing.

    Note: The Install Media package, when installed on a PC Card, can be used only to install software onto the internal compact flash disk or the hard disk. The Install Media package does not act as a boot image.

  4. Copy the software package to the router. We recommend that you copy them to the /var/tmp directory, which is on the hard disk and is a large file system.
  5. Log into the UNIX shell on your router, and change to the /var/tmp directory.
  6. Copy the software package to the PC Card using the following commands:

    Note: Copying the software package can take several minutes.

    The removable PC Card is now configured to install JUNOS software on a Juniper Networks router. For more information about software installation and upgrade, see the JUNOS Software Installation and Upgrade Guide.

    Note: The software on a PC Card is loaded only onto the Routing Engine into which the PC Card is inserted. It is not automatically copied to the other Routing Engine.

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