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Verifying That an FPC Is Installed Correctly

When you bring the FPC online in an operational routing platform, the Routing Engine downloads the FPC software, and the FPC runs its diagnostics. The green OK LED that corresponds to the FPC blinks as the FPC starts up. On an M20 router, the OK LEDs are on the right side of the craft interface. On an M40 router, the OK LED for each FPC is below the FPC. On all other routing platforms, the OK LED for each FPC is above the FPC.

When the FPC is online, the OK LED lights steadily. If the red FAIL LED lights steadily instead, remove and install the FPC again using the instructions in this document. If the red FAIL LED still lights steadily, the FPC is not working properly. Contact your customer support representative.

To check the status of the FPCs and PICs with the command-line interface (CLI), use the following command. The output is similar to the following:

user@host> show chassis fpc pic-status
Slot 0 Online
  PIC 0 4x CHDS3 IQ
  PIC 1 4x F/E, 100 BASE-TX
  PIC 2 12x FE, 100 BASE-TX
  PIC 3 1x G/E, 1000 BASE-SX
Slot 2 Online
  PIC 0 4x G/E, 1000 BASE-SX
  PIC 1 2x OC-12 ATM-II IQ, MM
  PIC 2 4x OC-12 SONET, MM

For more information about using the CLI to get information about the FPCs and PICs, see the JUNOS System Basics and Services Command Reference.

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