Removing and Installing a Fan

Both C Series models have two cooling fans that provide forced air cooling for components in the system. Each fan is hot-swappable; you can replace it without powering down the system. You can monitor fan status by observing the TEMP LED.

Note: If the red TEMP LED is illuminated, either a critical or noncritical failure exists.

Caution: If the TEMP LED is illuminated and none of the fans is spinning, quickly power down the system until a new set of fans is available. Operating a system with inadequate air circulation can damage the components.

To remove a fan:

  1. Unlock or loosen the fan from the system.
    • For the C2000 model, press the locking tab and rotate the fan away from the system.
    • For the C4000 model, loosen the thumb screw in the top-left and lower-right of the fan.
  2. Pull the fan out and remove it from the system.

    Use two hands to hold the fan after it comes out of the chassis.

    Warning: Do not place your fingers near the fans when removing the unit. The blades might still be moving.

    Caution: Do not use the fan tray handle to carry the fan. Use the handle only to push the tray into the chassis or pull it out.

To install a fan, reverse the steps taken to remove the fan.