Creating IPMI User Accounts

An IPMI username and password are required to connect to a remote IPMI interface. You can define new IPMI user accounts using the CLI.

To create an IPMI user account:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that configures an IPMI interface.
    user@host# edit system ipmi
  2. Set a plain-text password that is autoencrypted by the CLI.
    [edit system ipmi]user@host# set user name plain-text-password

    For example:

    user@host#set user johndoe plain-text passwordNew password: xyz123 (text will not appear)Re-type new password: xyz123 (text will not appear)
  3. Verify the configuration.
    [edit system ipmi]admin@gnome# showaddress;gateway;user admin {encrypted-password ********;}user jdoe {encrypted-password ********;}