Viewing Power Status of a Controller Using IPMI

You can view IPMI power information for the controller you are currently logged on to and for a remote controller. You must be logged in as a root user.

To display power status (on or off) of the local controller using IPMI:

  1. Log in as root user.
    SRC-PE Release 3.1 [R.3.1.0-12]login: root
  2. Enter the password.
    Password: password

    You are now logged in as root user.

  3. Access the CLI.
    [root@host ~]# cli--- SRC CLI 3.1 build CLI.R. (c) 2005-2008 Juniper Networks Inc. root@host>
  4. Enter the show ipmi power command.

    For example:

    root@host>show ipmi power
    Chassis Power is on

To display power status information on a remote controller using IPMI:

  1. Log in as root user.
  2. Enter the show ipmi host power command.
    root@host>show ipmi host host user user power
    • host—IP address of remote host IPMI interface
    • user—IPMI username configured in the remote host

    For example:

    root@host>show ipmi host user johndoe power