Configuring IPMI with the SRC CLI

For the C2000 model, an IPMI configuration includes an IP address assigned to the IPMI interface and a gateway IP address. For the C4000 model, only a gateway IP address is required because the IP address for the IPMI interface is the same as the IP address assigned to the eth0 interface on the C4000 model.

Use the following configuration statements to configure an IPMI interface on a C Series Controller:

system ipmi {address address;gateway gateway;user name;}

To configure IPMI on an interface:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that configures an IPMI interface.
    user@host# edit system ipmi
  2. Set the IP address.
    [edit system ipmi]user@host# set address address/destination prefix

    An IP address is required for a C2000 model but is set automatically to the address of the eth0 interface on a C4000 model.

  3. Set the default gateway IP address. A default gateway is a node on a network that serves as an access point to another network.
    [edit system ipmi]user@host# set gateway gateway
  4. Verify the configuration.
    [edit system ipmi]user@host# showaddress;gateway;