Configuring Hostname and Domain Parameters

To set hostname and domain parameters:

  1. Enter configuration mode.
    root@host> edit
  2. Configure the hostname.
    [edit]root@host# set system host-name host-name

    For example:

    [edit]root@host# set system host-name my-hostname
  3. Configure either a list of domain names to search, or create the domain name. We recommend configuring a list of domain names to search.

    To configure a list of domain names to search:

    [edit]root@host# set system domain-search [domain-name1, domain-name2, ...]

    For example:

    [edit]root@host# set system domain-search []

    To configure the domain name:

    [edit]root@host# set system domain-name domain-name

    For example:

    [edit]root@host# set system domain-name