Installing the DC Power Supply into the C Series Controller Chassis

Caution: Do not mix AC and DC power supplies within the same chassis. Make sure that you are installing the correct DC power supply for your chassis. The C2000 model uses a 500–W supply and the C4000 model uses a 710–W supply. The supplies are not interchangeable.

To install a DC power supply into the C Series Controller chassis (see Figure 16 and Figure 17):

  1. Attach an ESD wrist strap to your bare wrist, and connect the wrist strap to an appropriate grounding point.
  2. Hold the locking tab (ejector lever) on the DC power supply to the left, and slowly slide the power supply straight into the chassis until it clicks into place.
  3. Repeat Steps 1–2 for each DC power supply.

Figure 16: C2000 Optional DC Power Supply

Image g004901.gif

Figure 17: C4000 Optional DC Power Supply

Image g004900.gif