Overview of Installing the DC Power Supply Module

By default, all C Series Controllers are equipped with two AC power supplies. Optional DC power supplies may be ordered separately for both the C2000 model and C4000 model. In a DC power configuration, the C Series Controller contains one or two DC power supplies. When two power supplies are installed, they provide power redundancy. If one power supply fails or is removed, the remaining power supply redistributes the electrical load without interruption. The C2000 model uses a 500–W supply and the C4000 model uses a 710–W supply. Both supplies are hot-swappable. Each DC power supply has a single DC input (–48 VDC and return) that requires a dedicated 20–A (–48 VDC) circuit breaker

Installing an optional DC power supply requires the following main tasks:

  1. Shut down the system and remove all AC power supplies.
  2. Install each DC power supply into the chassis.
  3. Ground the power supply and connect the DC power source to each supply.
  4. Power up the system and log in.