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Removing and Installing a Fan

Both C-series models have two cooling fans that provide forced air cooling for components in the system. Each fan is hot-swappable; you can replace it without powering down the system. You can monitor fan status by observing the TEMP LED.

Note: If the red TEMP LED is illuminated, either a critical or noncritical failure exists.

Caution: If the TEMP LED is illuminated and none of the fans is spinning, quickly power down the system until a new set of fans is available. Operating a system with inadequate air circulation can damage the components.

To remove a fan:

  1. Unlock or loosen the fan from the system.
  2. Pull the fan out and remove it from the system.

    Use two hands to hold the fan after it comes out of the chassis.

    Warning: Do not place your fingers near the fans when removing the unit. The blades might still be moving.

    Caution: Do not use the fan tray handle to carry the fan. Use the handle only to push the tray into the chassis or pull it out.

To install a fan, reverse the steps taken to remove the fan.

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