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Related Juniper Networks Documentation

With each SRC software release, we provide the SRC Documentation CD, which contains the documentation described in Table 3.

With each SRC Application Library release, we provide the SRC Application Library CD. This CD contains both the software applications and the SRC Application Library Guide.

The C-Web interface, which is based on the J-Web interface, is available for monitoring the C-series platforms and the SRC software. For general information about the J-Web interface, see the J-Web Interface User Guide.

A complete list of abbreviations used in this document set, along with their spelled-out terms, is provided in the SRC Getting Started Guide.

Table 3: Juniper Networks C-series and SRC Technical Publications



Core Documentation Set

C-series Hardware Guide

Describes the hardware platforms and how to install, maintain, replace, and troubleshoot them. The guide also includes specifications.

SRC-PE Getting Started Guide

Describes the SRC software and explains how to set up an initial configuration and manage a C-series platform. The guide describes how to set up and start the SRC CLI and C-Web, as well as other SRC configurations. It provides information about setting up an initial SRC configuration on a Solaris platform. The guide also describes how to upgrade the SRC software and how to use the SRC configuration tools. It includes reference material for the SRC documentation.

SRC-PE CLI User Guide

Describes how to use the SRC CLI, configure and monitor the platform with the CLI, and control the CLI environment. The guide also describes how to manage SRC components with the CLI.

SRC-PE Network Guide: SAE, Juniper Networks Routers, and NIC

Describes how to use and configure the SAE and the NIC. This guide also provides detailed information for using JUNOSe routers and JUNOS routing platforms in the SRC network.

SRC-PE Integration Guide: Network Devices, Directories, and RADIUS Servers

Describes how to integrate external components—network devices, directories, and RADIUS servers—into the SRC network. The guide provides detailed information about integrating specific models of the external components.

SRC-PE Services and Policies Guide

Describes how to work with services and policies. The guide provides an overview, configuration procedures, and management information. The guide also provides information about the SRC tools for configuring policies.

SRC-PE Subscribers and Subscriptions Guide

Describes how to work with residential and enterprise subscribers and subscriptions. The guide provides an overview, configuration procedures, and management information. This guide also provides information about the sample residential portals and enterprise service portals, including the Enterprise Manager Portal.

SRC-PE Monitoring and Troubleshooting Guide

Describes how to use logging, the SNMP agent, the SRC CLI, and the C-Web interface to monitor and troubleshoot SRC components. This guide also describes the SNMP traps.

SRC-PE Solutions Guide

Provides high-level instructions for SRC implementations. The guide documents the following scenarios: managing QoS services on JUNOSe routers; managing subscribers in a wireless roaming environment; providing voice over IP (VoIP) services; integrating the SRC software in a PCMM environment, including the use of the Juniper Policy Server (JPS); mirroring subscriber traffic on JUNOSe routers; demonstrating network resource management features in a sample IP television (IPTV) application; and demonstrating the integration of prepaid services in a sample application.

SRC-PE CLI Command Reference, Volume 1

SRC-PE CLI Command Reference, Volume 2

Together provide information about command and statement syntax; descriptions of commands, configuration statements, and options; editing level of statement options; and a history of when a command was added to the documentation.

SRC-PE Comprehensive Index

Provides a complete index of the SRC guides, excluding the C-series Hardware Guide and the SRC-PE Command Reference.

J-Web User Interface Guide

Provides general information about the J-Web interface.

Application Library

SRC Application Library Guide

Describes how to install and work with applications that you can use to extend the capabilities of the SRC software. The guide documents the following applications: SRC-SG (SOAP Gateway) Web applications, applications to integrate the Juniper Networks Intrusion Detection and Protection (IDP) software into an SRC-managed environment, an application to provide endpoint security by integrating Juniper Networks Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) Host Checker, a traffic-mirroring Web application, an application to integrate IP address managers with the SAE, an application to provide tracking and QoS control at the application level by integrating the SRC software with the Ellacoya deep packet inspection (DPI) platform, an application to control volume usage, and the SRC-ACP (Admission Control Plug-In) application.

Release Notes

SRC-PE Release Notes

SRC Application Library Release Notes

In the Release Notes, you will find the latest information about features, changes, known problems, resolved problems, supported platforms and network devices (such as Juniper Networks routers and CMTS devices), and third-party software. If the information in the Release Notes differs from the information found in the documentation set, follow the Release Notes.

Release notes are included in the corresponding software distribution and are available on the Web.

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