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C-series Platform Data Storage

A C-series platform provides data redundancy by supplying two hard drives (or disks) in a redundant array of independent disks (RAID). Both disks are configured as a RAID-1 mirror; this means that data is concurrently written to both disks. If one disk becomes inoperable, the remaining disk continues to be active, which allows the C-series platform to continue to function.

When you replace a faulty disk and initialize it, or disable and then enable a disk, the RAID controller copies all the data from the active disk to the enabled or initialized disk and establishes mirroring for the two disks.

The location of the disk mount for the disks depends on the model of the C-series platform:

When you access the disks in the disk mount:

You can also use the request disk identify command to make the LED for a specified disk blink to verify which disk is disk 0 and which is disk 1.

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