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    Quick Deployment (Single Interface)

    1. Deploy the provided OVA file.
    2. SSH into the appliance.
      ssh mykonos@<jwas-ip> -p2022
    3. WebApp Secure needs to have a hostname configured. To set the hostname in the CLI, type this command at the WebApp Secure bash prompt:
      cli system set hostname <hostname>
    4. Set DNS settings through the CLI as well:
      cli system set dns nameservers <ns1,ns2>
    5. Initialize the appliance through the CLI:
      cli system initialize
    6. Confirm that eth0 is the correct management interface (by default for VMs eth0 should be the management and traffic interface).
    7. In the Initialize System window, select Confirm.
    8. In the Select System Mode window, select Standalone.
    9. Wait for the initialization to complete. You will see several messages during this time.
    10. In the Initialization Complete window, select Ok.
    11. Navigate to the Web UI: (https://<webapp secure-ip>:5000)
    12. Login to WebApp Secure.
    13. License the appliance.
    14. Go through the configuration wizard to set a backend.
    15. Navigate to the protected site (http://<webapp secure-ip>)
    16. Verify WebApp Secure is running by requesting http://<webapp secure-ip>/.htaccess
    17. You should see something similar to this:

      <files ""> AuthUserFile

      /usr/local/www/public_html/.htpasswd AuthType Basic

      AuthName "Backup" require valid-user /<files>

    Published: 2015-02-04