System Updates

Provided WebApp Secure has Internet access, either direct or through a configured proxy, it will automatically check for software updates every night and download them when new ones are available. However, the appliance will not automatically apply updates. For security and stability, an administrator must manually apply updates. The Web UI informs the you that there is an update by a banner indicator at the top of the page.

Figure 56: Dashboard, Updates

Dashboard, Updates

While WebApp Secure checks for updates every night, you can force the appliance to check for updates at any time by clicking the check for updates link under Online Updates. WepApp Secure will find any available online updates at this time. You can see progress of the download through a status bar.

Figure 57: Downloading Update

Downloading Update

WebApp Secure can also upload updates manually, without an Internet connection. After uploading the package to the appliance (through the Web UI's Updates page), it will become available to the updates system, and you will be able to apply the update as described here.

Warning: While WebApp Secure is uploading offline updates, you should stay on the Updates pane until the upload is complete.

If an update is available (either an uploaded offline update or an automatically downloaded one), you can view the available update package along with any information about it, including the package name, version, whether or not a reboot is required after installing the update, a description, and list of changes. After reviewing the changes you can choose to apply the update by clicking the Update Selected button at the bottom of the package table.

Figure 58: Update Description

Update Description

The system will update and you of its progress through a status bar.

Figure 59: Updating the Application

Updating the Application

Note: At this time, it is not possible to roll back to earlier versions of the appliance software.

Applying Updates Using the CLI

You can also update WebApp Secure using the CLI. Use the following commands to download, unpack, and install the update.

mykonos-update –d

mykonos-update –l /srv/updates/updates/<updatefile.meta>

mykonos-update –u

Note: When you use mykonos-update –u, it only updates the system on which the command is run. It will not update members in a cluster or HA pair. To update those systems, you must run the update command on all members.