Response Processors: Application Vulnerability Processor: Incident - App Vulnerability Detected

Complexity: Low (2.0)

Default Response: 1x = Slow Connection 2-6 seconds, 3x = Slow Connection 2-6 seconds and Clear Inputs for 1 day

Cause: The application vulnerability processor is designed to identify known attack vectors issued to third party applications such as WordPress. This incident indicates that one of those known attack vectors has been issued by the associated user. The exact nature of the vector that was identified should be described in the incident details.

Behavior: One of the easiest ways to compromise a website is to look for third party web applications such as WordPress. If one is found, the attacker can then look up any known vulnerabilities in that software and the version of it that is running on the website. If they find vulnerabilities, they can then launch them and potentially compromise the site with a few minutes with minimal effort.