Deploying Using the Command Line

You must have an ec2tools environment setup prior to deploying the instance from the CLI. Please refer to the Amazon documentation for assistance in setting up your environment.

Next, make sure you have access to the image by entering: ./ec2-describe-images -x self -o "969756132034"

The output should look similar to the following: IMAGE ami-4d3df524 969756132034/Mykonos Appliance 969756132034 available If you do not see any output at all then you most-likely don't have access to our instance. Please contact Juniper Networks support to get help with this issue.

To deploy using the CLI, do the following:

  1. Create a security group for the instance.
    • ./ec2-add-group Mykonos -d "Mykonos Appliance"
    • ./ec2-authorize Mykonos -p 2022
    • ./ec2-authorize Mykonos -p 80
    • ./ec2-authorize Mykonos -p 443
    • ./ec2-authorize Mykonos -p 5000
    • ./ec2-authorize Mykonos -p 8080

    Note: It is recommended that you only allow ports 5000 and 8080 from known good IPs.

  2. You can now deploy the new instance as follows:
    • ./ec2-run-instances 'AMI ID' -k 'KEY PAIR' - t m1.large -g Mykonos

    You must replace the AMI ID with the AMI ID listed in Describe Image. In this example, it would be ami-4d3df524. You must also replace KEY PAIR with the name of the key pair you are using to access the system.