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    CLI: Config: Configure a Proxy Exclusion

    WebApp Secure functions as a reverse proxy. Therefore, all web traffic goes through WebApp Secure so that it can analyze traffic for attacks. To improve performance, you can configure WebApp Secure to not process certain types of resources, such as images, or zip files, for example. To configure an exclusion for certain file extensions that you want routed around WebApp Secure (as opposed to through it), you can use the configuration setting described here.

    For example, to have WebApp Secure not process any zip files, you can add the zip file extension to the proxy exclusions list by entering the following command at the WebApp Secure terminal:

    sudo mykonos-shell set engine.proxy.exclusions zip

    Now WebApp Secure will not process zip files.

    Note: Google Web Toolkit utilizes specialized cache files that may conflict with WebApp Secure. If your protected site utilizes Google Web Toolkit, you will need to add the file extension of these cache files (typically .cache.html) to the engine.proxy.exclusions parameter.

    Published: 2013-11-20