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    Creating an Image Flavor for vSRX with the Nova CLI

    To create an image flavor for vSRX with the nova CLI command:

    1. Use the nova flavor-create command on the OpenStack compute node that will host the vSRX VM. See Table 1 for a list of mandatory parameters.

      Note: See the official OpenStack documentation for a complete description of available options for the nova flavor-create command.

      Table 1: nova flavor-create Command

      Command Option


      --is-public true

      Set the flavor as publicly available.


      Name the vSRX flavor.


      Select auto to automatically assign the flavor ID.


      Allocate RAM for the VM, in megabytes.


      Specify disk storage size for the VM.


      Allocate the number of vCPUs for the vSRX VM.

      Note: Use nova help flavor-create for more details on the command options.

    2. Optionally, use the nova flavor-list to verify the flavors.

    The following example creates a vSRX flavor with 4096 MB RAM, 2 vCPUs, and disk storage up to 16 GB:

    $ nova flavor-create --is-public true vsrx_flavor auto 4096 16 2

    Modified: 2018-01-24