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    Uploading the vSRX Image with OpenStack Horizon

    To upload a vSRX image with Horizon:

    1. From the Horizon GUI, select your project, and select Compute>Images. The list of existing images appears, as shown in Figure 1.

      Figure 1: OpenStack Images

      OpenStack Images
    2. Click Create Image. The Create Image dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 2.

      Figure 2: Create an Image

      Create an Image
    3. Enter a name for the vSRX image, and enter the image location.
    4. Select QCOW2- QEMU Emulator from the Format list.
    5. Enter the appropriate value in the Minimum Disk (GB) box for your configuration. The minimum required for vSRX is 16 GB.
    6. Enter the appropriate value in the Minimum RAM (MB) box. The minimium required for vSRX is 4096 MB.
    7. Select Public.
    8. Click Create Image. OpenStack uploads the image to the image service. The image appears on the Images tab.

    Note: The default vSRX VM login ID is root with no password. By default, vSRX is assigned a DHCP-based IP address if a DHCP server is available on the network.

    Modified: 2018-01-24