vSRX Configuration and Management Tools


This chapter is an overview on the various tools available to configure and manage a vSRX VM once it has been successfully deployed.

Understanding the Junos OS CLI and Junos Scripts

The Junos operating system command-line interface (Junos OS CLI) is a Juniper Networks specific command shell that runs on top of a UNIX-based operating system kernel.

Built into Junos OS, Junos script automation is an onboard toolset available on all Junos OS platforms, including routers, switches, and security devices running Junos OS (such as a vSRX instance).

You can use Junos OS CLI and the Junos OS scripts to configure, manage, administer, and troubleshoot vSRX.

Understanding the J-Web Interface

The J-Web interface allows you to monitor, configure, troubleshoot, and manage vSRX instances by means of a Web browser. J-Web provides access to all the configuration statements supported by the vSRX instance.

You can use J-Web to configure, manage, administer, and troubleshoot vSRX.

Understanding Junos Space Security Director

As one of the Junos Space Network Management Platform applications, Junos Space Security Director helps organizations improve the reach, ease, and accuracy of security policy administration with a scalable, GUI-based management tool. Security Director automates security provisioning of a vSRX instance through one centralized Web-based interface to help administrators manage all phases of security policy life cycle more quickly and intuitively, from policy creation to remediation.