vSRX License Model Numbers


The licenses used by all Juniper Networks instances are based on SKUs, which represent lists of features. Each license includes a list of features that the license enables along with information about those features.

For information about purchasing software licenses, contact your Juniper Networks sales representative at https://www.juniper.net/in/en/contact-us/.

vSRX licenses are based on application packages and processing capacity.

vSRX provides bandwidth in the following capacities (throughput per instance): 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, and 4 Gbps. Each of these bandwidth tiers is offered with three different packages.

Table 1 describes the features available with the various license packages.

Table 1: vSRX Licensing Package Types

License Type


License Model Number


Includes the following features:

  • Core security—firewall, ALG, screens, user firewall

  • IPsec VPN (site-to-site VPN)

  • NAT

  • CoS

  • Routing services—BGP, OSPF, DHCP, J-Flow, IPv4

  • Foundation—Static routing, management (J-Web, CLI, and NETCONF), on-box logging, diagnostics

These Standard (STD) bandwidth SKUs are available for vSRX:

  • VSRX-1G-STD-CLD-1: 1-Gbps throughput (1-year subscription)

  • VSRX-1G-STD-CLD-3: 1-Gbps throughput (3-year subscription)

  • VSRX-2G-STD-CLD-1: 2-Gbps throughput (1-year subscription)

  • VSRX-2G-STD-CLD-3: 2-Gbps throughput (3-year subscription)

  • VSRX-4G-STD-CLD-1: 4-Gbps throughput (1-year subscription)

  • VSRX-4G-STD-CLD-3: 4-Gbps throughput (3-year subscription)


Includes all STD features bundled with IPS and Appsecure signatures, along with the following features:

  • AppID

  • AppFW

  • AppQoS

  • AppTrack

These AppSecurity Bundled (ASB) bandwidth SKUs are available for vSRX:

  • VSRX-1G-ASB-CLD-1: 1-Gbps throughput (1-year subscription)

  • VSRX-1G-ASB-CLD-3: 1-Gbps throughput (3-year subscription)

  • VSRX-2G-ASB-CLD-1: 2-Gbps throughput (1-year subscription)

  • VSRX-2G-ASB-CLD-3: 2-Gbps throughput (3-year subscription)

  • VSRX-4G-ASB-CLD-1: 4-Gbps throughput (1-year subscription)

  • VSRX-4G-ASB-CLD-3: 4-Gbps throughput (3-year subscription)


Includes all STD features, along with the features bundled with ASCB, including the addition of the following UTM features:

  • Antivirus

  • Content filtering

  • Web filtering

These Content Security bundled (CSB) bandwidth SKUs are available for vSRX:

  • VSRX-1G-CSB-CLD-1: 1-Gbps throughput (1-year subscription)

  • VSRX-1G-CSB-CLD-3: 1-Gbps throughput (3-year subscription)

  • VSRX-2G-CSB-CLD-1: 2-Gbps throughput (1-year subscription)

  • VSRX-2G-CSB-CLD-3: 2-Gbps throughput (3-year subscription)

  • VSRX-4G-CSB-CLD-1: 4-Gbps throughput (1-year subscription)

  • VSRX-4G-CSB-CLD-3: 4-Gbps throughput (3-year subscription)


License stacking is allowed. So, for example, to license 3 Gbps of throughput for the standard (STD) feature set for 1 year, use a VSRX-1G-STD-CLD-1 license and a VSRX-2G-STD-CLD-1.