Before You Deploy vSRX from the Azure Portal


You can deploy a vSRX virtual security appliance and its advanced security features in your virtual network directly from the Azure portal. This method provides a browser-based user interface for creating and configuring virtual machines and all related resources.

The Azure Marketplace provides you with different methods to deploy a vSRX virtual machine (VM) in a virtual network. You can choose a customized solution template offered by Juniper Networks in the Azure Marketplace to automate the vSRX deployment based on a specific use case (for example, a security gateway).

Solution templates allow the bundling of multiple Azure services and a software image into a template that enables you to quickly deploy a preconfigured solution. You access vSRX solution templates from the Azure Marketplace to simplify the end-to-end configuration steps involved in deploying a vSRX VM in your Azure virtual network. A solution template automates the dependencies associated with specific deployment use cases, such as VM settings, virtual network settings (such as multiple subsets for the management interface (fxp0) and two revenue (data) interfaces), and so on.

A vSRX solution template is based on a custom Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template. The ARM template consists of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) expressions that construct specific values for your vSRX deployment. To integrate with the Azure portal, each solution template uses mainTemplate.json and createUiDefinition.json files to define the components of the customized solution template for vSRX VM deployment.

You also have the option to select the vSRX image from Azure Marketplace and customize the vSRX VM deployment settings and dependencies based on your network requirements in Microsoft Azure Cloud. This deployment approach might be required if you have a vSRX VM deployment scenario that is outside of the use cases offered in the vSRX VM solution templates available from Juniper Networks.

Before you deploy the vSRX virtual security appliance from the Azure Marketplace: