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    Migration, Upgrade, and Downgrade Instructions

    This section contains information about how to upgrade Junos OS for vSRX using the CLI. Upgrading or downgrading Junos OS can take several hours, depending on the size and configuration of the network.

    You also can upgrade to Junos OS Release 17.4R1 for vSRX using J-Web (see J-Web) or the Junos Space Network Management Platform (see Junos Space).

    Note: You can also upgrade to Junos OS 17.4R1 from Junos OS 15.1X49-D15 or later.

    Upgrading Software Packages

    To upgrade the software using the CLI:

    1. Download the Junos OS Release 17.4R1 for vSRX .tgz file from the Juniper Networks website.. Note the size of the software image.

      Note: For a public cloud-based version of the vSRX, such as for vSRX in AWS or vSRX in Microsoft Azure, please download the latest image from the AWS Marketplace or Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

    2. Verify that you have enough free disk space on the vSRX to upload the new software image.
      root@vsrx> show system storage
      Filesystem              Size       Used      Avail  Capacity   Mounted on
      /dev/vtbd0s1a           694M       433M       206M       68%  /
      devfs                   1.0K       1.0K         0B      100%  /dev
      /dev/md0                1.3G       1.3G         0B      100%  /junos
      /cf                     694M       433M       206M       68%  /junos/cf
      devfs                   1.0K       1.0K         0B      100%  /junos/dev/
      procfs                  4.0K       4.0K         0B      100%  /proc
      /dev/vtbd1s1e           302M        22K       278M        0%  /config
      /dev/vtbd1s1f           2.7G        69M       2.4G        3%  /var
      /dev/vtbd3s2             91M       782K        91M        1%  /var/host
      /dev/md1                302M       1.9M       276M        1%  /mfs
      /var/jail               2.7G        69M       2.4G        3%  /jail/var
      /var/jails/rest-api       2.7G        69M       2.4G      3%  /web-api/var
      /var/log                2.7G        69M       2.4G        3%  /jail/var/log
      devfs                   1.0K       1.0K         0B      100%  /jail/dev       4.5G       125M       4.1G    3%  /var/crash/corefiles       1.9G       4.0K       1.9G    0%  /var/log/host       4.5G       125M       4.1G     3%  /var/log/hostlogs       4.5G       125M       4.1G    3%  /var/traffic-log       4.5G       125M       4.1G    3%  /var/db/host       4.5G       125M       4.1G    3%  /var/db/aamwd       4.5G       125M       4.1G    3%  /var/db/secinteld
    3. Optionally, free up more disk space if needed to upload the image.
      root@vsrx> request system storage cleanup
      List of files to delete:
      	 Size Date	   Name
          11B Sep 25 14:15 /var/jail/tmp/alarmd.ts
       259.7K Sep 25 14:11 /var/log/hostlogs/vjunos0.log.1.gz
         494B Sep 25 14:15 /var/log/interactive-commands.0.gz
        20.4K Sep 25 14:15 /var/log/messages.0.gz
          27B Sep 25 14:15 /var/log/wtmp.0.gz
          27B Sep 25 14:14 /var/log/wtmp.1.gz
        3027B Sep 25 14:13 /var/tmp/BSD.var.dist
           0B Sep 25 14:14 /var/tmp/LOCK_FILE
         666B Sep 25 14:14 /var/tmp/appidd_trace_debug
           0B Sep 25 14:14 /var/tmp/eedebug_bin_file
          34B Sep 25 14:14 /var/tmp/gksdchk.log
          46B Sep 25 14:14 /var/tmp/kmdchk.log
          57B Sep 25 14:14 /var/tmp/krt_rpf_filter.txt
          42B Sep 25 14:13 /var/tmp/pfe_debug_commands
           0B Sep 25 14:14 /var/tmp/pkg_cleanup.log.err
          30B Sep 25 14:14 /var/tmp/policy_status
           0B Sep 25 14:14 /var/tmp/rtsdb/if-rtsdb
      Delete these files ? [yes,no] (no) yes
      <output omitted>

      Note: If this command does not free up enough disk space, see [SRX] Common and safe files to remove in order to increase available system storage for details on safe files you can manually remove from vSRX to free up disk space.

    4. Use FTP, SCP, or a similar utility to upload the Junos OS Release 17.4R1 for vSRX .tgz file to /var/crash/corefiles/ on the local file system of your vSRX VM. For example:
      root@vsrx> file copy
      junos-vsrx-x86-64-17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE.tgz /var/crash/corefiles/
    5. From operational mode, install the software upgrade package:
      root@vsrx> request system software add /var/crash/corefiles/junos-vsrx-x86-64-17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE.tgz no-copy no-validate reboot 
      Verified junos-vsrx-x86-64-17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE signed by PackageDevelopmentEc_2017 method ECDSA256+SHA256
      WARNING:     This package will load JUNOS 17.4 software.
      WARNING:     It will save JUNOS configuration files, and SSH keys
      WARNING:     (if configured), but erase all other files and information
      WARNING:     stored on this machine.  It will attempt to preserve dumps
      WARNING:     and log files, but this can not be guaranteed.  This is the
      WARNING:     pre-installation stage and all the software is loaded when
      WARNING:     you reboot the system.
      Saving the config files ...
      Pushing Junos image package to the host...
      Installing /var/tmp/install-media-srx-mr-vsrx-17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE.tgz
      Extracting the package ...
      total 975372
      -rw-r--r-- 1 30426 950 710337073 Oct 19 17:31 junos-srx-mr-vsrx-17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE-app.tgz
      -rw-r--r-- 1 30426 950 288433266 Oct 19 17:31 junos-srx-mr-vsrx-17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE-linux.tgz
      Setting up Junos host applications for installation ...
      Host OS upgrade is FORCED
      Current Host OS version: 3.0.4
      New Host OS version: 3.0.4
      Min host OS version required for applications: 0.2.4
      Installing Host OS ...
      upgrade_platform: -------------------
      upgrade_platform: Parameters passed:
      upgrade_platform: silent=0
      upgrade_platform: package=/var/tmp/junos-srx-mr-vsrx-17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE-linux.tgz
      upgrade_platform: clean install=0
      upgrade_platform: clean upgrade=0
      upgrade_platform: Need reboot after staging=0
      upgrade_platform: -------------------
      upgrade_platform: Checking input /var/tmp/junos-srx-mr-vsrx-17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE-linux.tgz ...
      upgrade_platform: Input package /var/tmp/junos-srx-mr-vsrx-17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE-linux.tgz is valid.
      upgrade_platform: Backing up boot assets..
      cp: omitting directory '.'
      bzImage-intel-x86-64.bin: OK
      initramfs.cpio.gz: OK
      version.txt: OK
      initrd.cpio.gz: OK
      upgrade_platform: Checksum verified and OK...
      upgrade_platform: Backup completed
      upgrade_platform: Staging the upgrade package - /var/tmp/junos-srx-mr-vsrx-17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE-linux.tgz..
      bzImage-intel-x86-64.bin: OK
      initramfs.cpio.gz: OK
      version.txt: OK
      upgrade_platform: Checksum verified and OK...
      upgrade_platform: Staging of /var/tmp/junos-srx-mr-vsrx-17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE-linux.tgz completed
      upgrade_platform: System need *REBOOT* to complete the upgrade
      upgrade_platform: Run upgrade_platform with option -r | --rollback to rollback the upgrade
      Host OS upgrade staged. Reboot the system to complete installation!
      WARNING:     'request system reboot' command when software installation is
      WARNING:     complete. To abort the installation, do not reboot your system,
      WARNING:     instead use the 'request system software rollback'
      WARNING:     command as soon as this operation completes.
      NOTICE: 'pending' set will be activated at next reboot...
      Rebooting. Please wait ...
      shutdown: [pid 13050]
      Shutdown NOW!
      *** FINAL System shutdown message from root@ ***
      System going down IMMEDIATELY
      Shutdown NOW!
      System shutdown time has arrived\x07\x07 

      If no errors occur, Junos OS reboots automatically to complete the upgrade process.

      Note: Starting in Junos OS Release 17.4R1, upon completion of the vSRX image upgrade the original image will be removed by default as part of the upgrade process.

    6. You have successfully upgraded to Junos OS Release 17.4R1 for vSRX. Now log in and use the show version command to verify the upgrade.
      --- JUNOS 17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE Kernel 64-bit  JNPR-11.0-20171012.170745_fbsd-
      At least one package installed on this device has limited support.
      Run 'file show /etc/notices/unsupported.txt' for details.
      root@:~ # cli
      root> show version
      Model: vsrx
      Junos: 17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE
      JUNOS OS Kernel 64-bit  [20171012.170745_fbsd-builder_stable_11]
      JUNOS OS libs [20171012.170745_fbsd-builder_stable_11]
      JUNOS OS runtime [20171012.170745_fbsd-builder_stable_11]
      JUNOS OS time zone information [20171012.170745_fbsd-builder_stable_11]
      JUNOS OS libs compat32 [20171012.170745_fbsd-builder_stable_11]
      JUNOS OS 32-bit compatibility [20171012.170745_fbsd-builder_stable_11]
      JUNOS py extensions [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS py base [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS OS vmguest [20171012.170745_fbsd-builder_stable_11]
      JUNOS OS crypto [20171012.170745_fbsd-builder_stable_11]
      JUNOS network stack and utilities [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS libs [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS libs compat32 [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS runtime [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS Web Management Platform Package [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS srx libs compat32 [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS srx runtime [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS common platform support [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS srx platform support [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS mtx network modules [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS modules [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS srxtvp modules [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS srxtvp libs [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS srx libs [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS srx Data Plane Crypto Support [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS daemons [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS srx daemons [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS Online Documentation [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
      JUNOS jail runtime [20171012.170745_fbsd-builder_stable_11]
      JUNOS FIPS mode utilities [20171017.110007_ssd-builder_release_174_throttle]
    7. When you successfully complete the vSRX upgrade, we recommend that you remove the uploaded image from /var/crash/corefiles/.
      root@vsrx> rm –f /var/crash/corefiles/junos-vsrx-x86-64-17.4-2017-10-17.0_RELEASE_174_THROTTLE.tgz

    Validating the OVA Image

    If you have downloaded a vSRX .ova image and need to validate it, see Validating the vSRX .ova File for VMware.

    Note that only .ova (VMware platform) vSRX images can be validated. The .qcow2 vSRX images for use with KVM cannot be validated the same way. File checksums for all software images are, however, available on the download page.

    Modified: 2017-11-28