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Example: Configure Juniper Sky ATP for vSRX


This example shows how to configure Juniper Sky™ Advanced Threat Prevention (Juniper Sky ATP) on a vSRX instance that is deployed in a virtual private cloud (VPC).

Before You Begin

Ensure that you have installed and launched a vSRX instance in a VPC.


You can use Juniper Sky ATP, a cloud-based solution, along with vSRX to protect all hosts in your network against evolving security threats.

Juniper Sky ATP Configuration

Step-by-Step Procedure

To configure Juniper Sky ATP on a vSRX instance:

  1. Log in to the vSRX instance using SSH and start the CLI.
  2. Enter configuration mode.
  3. Set up the correct data interface for the active advanced antimalware (AAMW) service instead of using the default fxp0 interface.
  4. Configure NAT.
  5. Set up virtual routing instance for the correct data interface for AAMW service.
  6. Change the MTU setting (required only for Google cloud platform).
  7. Verify the configuration.
  8. Commit the configuration to activate it on the vSRX instance.
  9. Optionally, you can verify the configuration by running the following show commands in the configuration mode:
    • show services advanced-anti-malware connection | display set

    • show security nat | display set

    • show routing-instances vsrx-vr1 | display set

    Additionally, for Google cloud platform, use the show interfaces fxp0 mtu | display set command to verify the mtu settings.