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What's Changed


Learn about what changed in Junos OS main releases for vSRX.

For the most complete and latest information about changes in command behavior and syntax applicable to all SRX Series devices in Junos OS Release 19.4R2, see Changes in Behavior and Syntax for SRX.

Release 19.4R2 Changes in Behavior and Syntax

There are no changes in behavior of vSRX features and changes in the syntax of Junos OS statements and commands in Junos OS Release 19.4R2 for vSRX.

Release 19.4R1 Changes in Behavior and Syntax

Flow-based and Packet-based Processing

  • On vSRX 3.0 running on hypervisors that are connected to NAS, if the storage connection to NAS fails for a few minutes and is then recovered, traffic forwarding might be interrupted for about 10 minutes.