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Known Behavior


This section contains the known behaviors, system maximums, and limitations in hardware and software in Junos OS Release 17.4R3 for vSRX.


  • Root-authentication and Gateway in case of Static IP is a must in user-data for AWS. PR1297086


  • In J-Web, you cannot view the custom log files created for event logging. PR1280857

  • Uploading certificate using browse button stores the certificate in the device at /jail/var/tmp/uploads/, which will be deleted when you execute the request system storage cleanup command. PR1312529

  • The values of address and address-range are not displayed in the inline address-set creation pop-up window of Juniper Identity Management Service (JIMS). PR1312900

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Click View Instances to display the instances list in the EC2 Dashboard. This might take several minutes to launch a vSRX instance. For the initial boot, the vSRX might show that one or two checks have passed until the instance is initialized. PR1296704

Upgrade and Downgrade

  • During an upgrade from Junos OS Release 17.3R1 to 17.4R1, if there is specific AppSecure configuration, configuration errors prevent normal boot up of devices in HA. PR1317563