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Deploying vMX


Running the ./ --install script to deploy vMX sets up:

  • Host NICs

  • SR-IOV or virtio device types

  • External and internal bridges (br-ext and br-int)


    When br-ext is being created, access to the management port may be frozen temporarily when it gets attached to the br-ext bridge.

Using the --install option also launches the VCP and VFP VMs.

We recommend you deploy the vMX by running the ./ -lv --install script to provide verbose-level logging to a file for the deployment of the vMX instance.


Only English locale is supported for using the script.


If you cannot deploy vMX after upgrading libvirt, bring down the virbr0 bridge with the ifconfig virbr0 down command and delete the bridge with the brctl delbr virbr0 command.


You must shut down the vMX instance before you reboot host server using the request system halt command.