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Benefits and Uses of vMX Routers


You can use virtual devices to lower your capital expenditure and operating costs, sometimes through automating network operations. Even without automation, use of the vMX application on standard x86 servers enables you to:

  • Quickly introduce new services

  • More easily deliver customized and personalized services to customers

  • Scale operations to push IP services closer to customers or to manage network growth when growth forecasts are low or uncertain

  • Quickly expand service offerings into new sites

A well designed automation strategy decreases costs as well as increasing network efficiency. By automating network tasks with the vMX router, you can:

  • Simplify network operations

  • Quickly deploy new vMX instances

  • Efficiently install a default Junos OS configuration on all or selected vMX instances

  • Quickly reconfigure existing vMX routers

You can deploy the vMX router to meet some specific network edge requirements, such as:

  • Network simulation

  • Terminate broadband subscribers with a virtual broadband network gateway (vBNG)

  • Temporary deployment until a physical MX Series router is available

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