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Troubleshooting and Technical Support


You can monitor and control Snabb from within Junos OS running on the Juniper vMX.

To see extensive statistics for all Snabb instances seen in the lwAFTR state, JET must be running on the vMX and the loopback address must be configured.

  1. Append the following stanzas to your existing configuration:
  2. With JET running, you can view extensive statistics for all the Snabb instances shown from the lwAFTR state command by running the following:
    user@host# run show lwaftr statistics

The following commands are useful for troubleshooting:

  • Viewing the lwAFTR state—To see the lwAFTR state (which is fetched from the NIC used by the Snabb process), type the following:

    user@host# run show lwaftr state
  • Monitoring lwAFTR—To see packet statistics for IPv4 and IPv6, run the following command (include the –no more parameter to improve the look of the output):

    user@host> monitor lwaftr id 0 |no-more

Collecting Information Before Contacting Technical Support

If you need to work with Juniper Technical Support, please collect the following files and include them in your request. From the vMX, do the following (using Junos OS CLI commands):

  • Save your current Junos OS configuration:

    user@host> save actual.cfg
  • Gather relevant support files (including data from the vCP and vFP):

    user@host> request support information | save rsi.log
  • Copy Junos OS log files from the following directory:

  • Generate a support-info file that can be included in a request for help by running the following command from the /vmx-docker-lwaftr/tests directory on the host:

    user@host:~$ sudo ./ lwaftr5
  • Provide details about the Snabb version that is being used, from the git log, for example:

    user@host:~/latest-snabb-binary/snabb$ git log

Requesting Technical Support

Technical product support is available through the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC). If you are a customer with an active J-Care or JNASC support contract, or are covered under warranty, and need post-sales technical support, you can access our tools and resources online or open a case with JTAC.

Self-Help Online Tools and Resources

For quick and easy problem resolution, Juniper Networks has designed an online self-service portal called the Customer Support Center (CSC) that provides you with the following features:

To verify service entitlement by product serial number, use our Serial Number Entitlement (SNE) Tool:

Opening a Case with JTAC

You can open a case with JTAC on the Web or by telephone.

  • Use the Case Management tool in the CSC at

  • Call 1-888-314-JTAC (1-888-314-5822 toll-free in the USA, Canada, and Mexico).

For international or direct-dial options in countries without toll-free numbers, see .

Revision History

December, 2016—Revision 1, Junos OS Release 16.1R3—vMX

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