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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in this release.

  • After you delete the chassis license bandwidth configuration in the Agile licensing mode using the following command:

    you must restart the vMX instance.


  • On vMX instances, the CPU utilization might be around 100% for a process or backup Routing Engine might crash in some specific conditions. PR1437762

  • On vMX instances, incorrect interface assignment on VMware (ESXI) instances in a multi FPC chassis deployments. PR1440360

  • On VMX instances and MX150, log severity level is not displayed correctly. PR1411846

  • On vMX instances, IPv6 is using different unicast MAC address when you configure VRRPv3 for IPv6. PR1449014

  • On VMX instances, because the host CPU core 0 is not dedicated for virtual instances, it might be used by the other applications. However, VMX's vCPU resource allocation starts from core 0. When the usage of core 0 is high, the VMX instance might get less resource, which might lead to packet drop. PR1449289

  • On vMX instances, the static IP configuration of external interface in VFP VM might not be available after rebooting VFP VM. PR1451709

  • On VMX platform running in SR-IOV (single-root I/O virtualization) mode with the vlan-offload option enabled, the input-vlan-map option might not work correctly. PR1460544