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Resolved Issues in 19.2R1


This section lists the issues fixed in this release.

  • The factory configuration for vMX installations, as shipped, includes default credentials for the root account. Without proper modification of these default credentials by the administrator, an attacker could exploit these credentials and access the vMX instance without authorization. Refer to for more information. PR1344858

  • On MX150, the log severity level changes. PR1411846

  • After you delete the chassis license bandwidth configuration in the Agile licensing mode using the following command:

    You must restart the vMX instance.


  • On vMX, the CPU utilization on a process might be around 100% or backup RE might crash in rare conditions. This issue is triggered at times by some churn in the system, and has no specific cause for trigger. PR1433157

  • If the option vlan-offload is configured on the VMX platform, the input-vlan-map option might not work. PR1460544

  • On vMX instances, it is not possible to see the generated cores in the show system coredumps command output if you use host name with a period (.) in between. PR1474118