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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in this release.

  • On vMX platform, when a physical function (PF) resets, the underlying virtual function (VF) must also be reset to continue data path functionality. There are no options available for registering to receive PF reset notification. Consequently whenever something happens on the PF causing a reset, the data path functionality halts till SR-IOV is restarted (that is FPC restart in order to recover). When PF reset takes place, it sends a reset message to all associated VFs and attempts to stop and restart again. In case of i40e drivers, VFs are not able to reset properly. PR1382787

  • On vMX system, when you configure large number of interfaces, the vFPC CPU utilization might go very high periodically because of interface statistics collection running repeatedly. PR1385853

  • On vMX platform, kernel core files are generated when the kernel state (ifstates) exceptions occur. PR1398320

  • While using the IXGBE driver with SR-IOV, during the interface flap at the peer device, the vMX occasionally stops receiving traffic. You must restart the FPC to recover the functionality on the affected interface. PR1401672