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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in this release.

  • While using the IXGBE driver with SRIOV, during the interface flap at the peer device, the vMX occasionally stops receiving traffic. FPC needs to be restarted to recover functionality on the affected interface. PR1401672

  • The /etc/passwd file is created during the first commit when a new jinstall image is used to boot for the first time. If you configure event-options, the system tries to read the configuration from the available event scripts, which requires privileges obtained from the /etc/passwd file. This creates a dependency as the commit will not be successful if the configuration includes event-options the first time a new image boots up, which is the case when an upgrade is performed with the virsh create command. PR1220671

  • On vMX instances, the vFPC might stop working if the family iso is enabled through GRE over IPsec tunnel. PR1364624

  • The default NIC adapter type has changed from E1000 to VMXNET3. As a result, the default setting on the OVA file for vFPC is not set to the correct NIC driver (VMXNET3), and the vFPC is loaded with the E1000 driver. PR1365337

  • On vMX instances, encryption and decryption do not work because the Packet Forwarding Engine discards the group VPN member established using the authentication method preshared key ascii-text. PR1381316

  • Jlock assert causes the kernel to stop because of the ifstate code path. PR1398320