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New and Changed Features


This section describes the new features and enhancements in this release.

  • Flow caching is enabled for GRE traffic—vMX has flow cache support for GRE traffic.

  • Flow caching is enabled for multicast traffic—vMX has flow cache support for the following multicast traffic:

    • IPv4 and IPv6 multicast

    • GRE encapsulated multicast traffic (PIM MVPN, rosen 6 MVPN)

    • Multicast traffic encapsulated in MPLS (BGP MVPN)

    • Tunnel as multicast outgoing interface (OIF)

    The multicast flows are stored in the same flow table as unicast flows. Tunnel flows consume two flow entries. To support flow caching, the maximum values are:

    • Size of flow table—1 million entries (unicast and multicast)

    • Number of multicast flows—32,768

    • Number of replications—16

    If multicast traffic exceeds the limits, packets are sent to microcode for processing.


    You do not need to dedicate microcode Workers for multicast traffic because flow cache is enabled for multicast.

    [See Multicast Protocols Feature Guide.]

  • Ubuntu OpenStack support—Ubuntu OpenStack (Liberty) is supported.