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Known Issues


This section lists the known issues in this release.

  • When the FPC is restarted, kernel: GENCFG: op 32 (Resync blob) failed syslog message appears. This harmless message can be ignored. PR1050467

  • LACP packets are getting dropped on the bridge. PR1059231

  • LLDP packets are getting dropped on the bridge (for virtio). PR1066850

  • When the FPC is restarting, COS(cos_chassis_scheduler_pre_add_action:2137) error messages appear indicating that flexible queuing mode is not enabled. PR1070655

  • Output for the show pfe statistics traffic command might take a few seconds to appear and many MIB2D_COUNTER_DECREASING: pfes_stats_delta: counter messages appear in the log file before the response time improves. PR1071659

  • When the FPC is restarting, a Received unsupported pic_mask 0x1 ignored message message appears in the syslog file. PR1072436

  • Traffic loss occurs at a remote receiver because of lost remote PIM joins to the local receiver. PR1087031

  • When committing the configuration, %DAEMON-4-SNMP_EVLIB_FAILURE: PFED ran out of transfer credits with PFE.Failed to get stats. messages sometimes appear in the syslog file. PR1124902

  • Multiple vMX instances using SR-IOV on the same host are not supported. PR1130534

  • When committing the configuration, pfed: %USER-3: downward spike received from pfe for opackets_reply:3545 opackets_record:48932521 messages sometimes appear in the syslog file. PR1146002

  • Many clksync_update_tod_to_pfe:109 Failed to send non-PEC pfe TOD update to other PFEs. Error code: 29. messages appear in the syslog file. PR1148344

  • Scheduler slips are occurring in large VPLS configurations and displaying JTASK_SCHED_SLIP log messages. PR1153290

  • Observing rpd[7116]: %DAEMON-6: ifl_delete: ifl error messages that indicate a multicast tunnel (mt) has been deleted. PR1156725

  • CPU pinning is not working properly with OVS bridges. PR1171096

  • GRE is not supported in performance mode. PR1328554

Subscriber Management

  • Dual-stack (DHCPv6 over PPPoE) subscribers can be lost on an LNS after the subscriber management process is restarted on vMX. PR1165378

  • When bringing up an LNS session on vMX, the Cos-Shaping-Rate attribute (ERX-Attr-177) is sometimes omitted from the Acct-Start messages sent to RADIUS. PR1167154

  • After adding or deleting the l2tp-inline-lns license on vMX and rebooting vMX, fxp0.0 was not reachable. As a workaround, access vMX through the console and reboot vMX. PR1173990