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Known Issues


This section lists the known issues in this release.

  • When the FPC is restarted, kernel: GENCFG: op 32 (Resync blob) failed syslog message appears. This harmless message can be ignored. PR1050467

  • LACP packets are getting dropped on the bridge. PR1059231

  • LLDP packets are getting dropped on the bridge (for virtio). PR1066850

  • When the FPC is restarting, COS(cos_chassis_scheduler_pre_add_action:2137) error messages appear indicating that flexible queuing mode is not enabled. PR1070655

  • Output for the show pfe statistics traffic command might take a few seconds to appear and many MIB2D_COUNTER_DECREASING: pfes_stats_delta: counter messages appear in the log file before the response time improves. PR1071659

  • When the FPC is restarting, a Received unsupported pic_mask 0x1 ignored message message appears in the syslog file. PR1072436

  • Traffic loss occurs at a remote receiver because of lost remote PIM joins to the local receiver. PR1087031

  • The VMXNET3 driver does not support large MTU. PR1120215

  • When committing the configuration, %DAEMON-4-SNMP_EVLIB_FAILURE: PFED ran out of transfer credits with PFE.Failed to get stats. messages sometimes appear in the syslog file. PR1124902

  • Multiple vMX instances using SR-IOV on the same host are not supported. PR1130534

  • When committing the configuration, pfed: %USER-3: downward spike received from pfe for opackets_reply:3545 opackets_record:48932521 messages sometimes appear in the syslog file. PR1146002

  • Many clksync_update_tod_to_pfe:109 Failed to send non-PEC pfe TOD update to other PFEs. Error code: 29. messages appear in the syslog file. PR1148344

  • Scheduler slips are occurring in large VPLS configurations and displaying JTASK_SCHED_SLIP log messages. PR1153290

  • Observing rpd[7116]: %DAEMON-6: ifl_delete: ifl error messages that indicate a multicast tunnel (mt) has been deleted. PR1156725

  • CPU pinning is not working properly with OVS bridges. PR1171096

  • When traffic runs for an extended period, Scheduler Oinker messages might appear on fpc0 for various threads (such as Packet Forwarding Engine Manager and Idle) but it does not affect traffic. PR1171304

Subscriber Management

  • Dual-stack (DHCPv6 over PPPoE) subscribers can be lost on an LNS after the subscriber management process is restarted on vMX. PR1165378

  • When bringing up an LNS session on vMX, the Cos-Shaping-Rate attribute (ERX-Attr-177) is sometimes omitted from the Acct-Start messages sent to RADIUS. PR1167154

  • After adding or deleting the l2tp-inline-lns license on vMX and rebooting vMX, fxp0.0 was not reachable. As a workaround, access vMX through the console and reboot vMX. PR1173990