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Streaming Telemetry


Streaming telemetry uses a push model to automatically stream real-time performance data from network devices. Remote management applications can choose statistics of interest and receive the data in a structured format. Remote procedure calls (gRPC) are used to provision sensors, subscribe to and receive telemetry data. Network operators can use this data, delivered at high frequency and at a fine level of granularity, to quickly locate and investigate issues as soon as they occur.

OpenConfig is an informal working group of network operators developing vendor-neutral data models for network configuration and management. The goal is to optimize networks for automation by moving away from the CLI and toward programmatic configuration. OpenConfig data models provide compatibility in multi-vendor deployments, paving the way for network automation powered by telemetry.

Want to learn more? Use the information below to help you find the specific information you need. For in-depth coverage of other Junos OS features, see our content in the TechLibrary.

If you want to


Get started with Junos Telemetry.

Overview of the Junos Telemetry Interface

Learn how to use OpenConfig data models for Junos configuration.

OpenConfig Overview

Using OpenConfig for Junos OS to Enable Junos telemetry interface


Search for and view information about telemetry sensors supported on Juniper Networks devices.

Junos YANG Data Model Explorer

For releases prior to 23.2R1: Telemetry Sensor Explorer

Use gRPC and gNMI to remotely operate supported Junos devices.

Understanding gRPC Services for Managing Network Devices

Configure gRPC Services

gNMI Specfication

Find resources on GitHub.

Juniper Telemetry on GitHub

OpenConfig on GitHub

Learn more about network automation.

What is Network Automation?

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