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    Viewing Settings for the SRC CLI


    View the current CLI settings.


    In operational mode, enter the following command:

    user@host> show cli
    CLI complete-on-space set to on
    CLI editing level is: normal
    CLI working directory is '/'

    You can also use the show cli directory command to display the current working directory.

    To view the authorization settings for the user logged in to the CLI:

    show cli authorization
    Current user: 'root' loginName 'user' class 'super-user'
    admin-- Can view user accounts
    admin-control-- Can modify user accounts
    clear-- Can clear learned network information
    configure-- Can enter configuration mode
    field-- Special for field (debug) support
    firewall-- Can view firewall configuration
    firewall-control-- Can modify firewall configuration
    interface-- Can view interface configuration
    interface-control-- Can modify interface configuration
    maintenance-- Can perform system maintenance (as wheel)
    network-- Can access the network
    reset-- Can reset and restart interfaces and processes
    routing-- Can view routing configuration
    routing-control-- Can modify routing configuration
    secret-- Can view secret configuration
    secret-control-- Can modify secret configuration
    security-- Can view security configuration
    security-control-- Can modify security configuration
    shell-- Can start a local shell
    snmp-- Can view SNMP configuration
    snmp-control-- Can modify SNMP configuration
    system-- Can view system configuration
    system-control-- Can modify system configuration
    view-- Can view current values and statistics
    service-- Can view service definitions
    service-control-- Can modify service definitions
    subscriber-- Can view subscriber profiles
    subscriber-control-- Can modify subscriber profiles
    Individual command authorization:
    Allow regular expression: none
    Deny regular expression: none
    Allow configuration regular expression: none
    Deny configuration regular expression: none

    The show cli authorization class class command can display two different outputs.

    If your loginName and the name of your user profile are the same, the output is: Current user: 'loginName'. For example:

    show cli authorization
    Current user: 'root' class 'super-user'

    If your loginName and the name of your user profile differ, both names are included in the output:

    Current user: 'profile' loginName loginName class class

    The loginName displayed is the name you entered when you logged in. For example:

    show cli authorization
    Current user: 'root' loginName 'user' class 'super-user'

    Modified: 2014-06-10