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    Viewing Information About Subscriber Sessions in the Edge Network (C-Web Interface)


    View information about subscriber sessions in the edge network with the C-Web interface.


    To view information about subscriber sessions:

    1. Click ACP>Edge>Subscriber.

      The Edge/Subscriber pane appears.

    2. In the Session ID box, enter a full or partial session ID name to display information about one or more specific sessions, or leave this field empty to display information about all sessions.
    3. In the Slot box, enter the number of the slot for which you want to display subscriber session information.
    4. Select an output style from the Style list.
    5. In the Virtual Router Name box, enter a virtual router name to display information about a specific virtual router, or leave the box empty to display information about all virtual routers.
    6. Click OK.

      The Edge/Subscriber pane displays a list of current subscriber sessions.

    Modified: 2012-11-20