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    Configuring Event Queues for SRC VTA Groups (SRC CLI)

    Use the following statement to configure the event queue:

    shared vta group name queue {max-concurrency max-concurrency;persistent;}

    To configure the event queue:

    1. From configuration mode, access the statement that configures the event queue. For example, to configure the event queue for the SRC VTA group called vta1:
      [edit]user@host# edit shared vta group vta1 queue
    2. Specify the maximum number of threads consuming events from the queue and passing them to the configured event handlers.
      [edit shared vta group vta1 queue]user@host# set max-concurrency max-concurrency

      Note: max-concurrency should be set greater than or equal to the max-pool-size option; otherwise, database connections are likely to be unused, see Configuring the Connection Between the SRC VTA and the External Account and Session Database (SRC CLI).

    3. (Optional) Specify whether the event queue is persistent (events are saved to disk) or non-persistent (events are saved in memory). If set, events are saved to disk. By default, the event queue is set to non-persistent.
      [edit shared vta group vta1 queue]user@host# set persistent

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    Modified: 2014-06-11