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    Interface Classification Conditions

    Use the fields in this section to define interface classification conditions.


    • Interface broadcast address.
    • Value—Valid broadcast address format
    • Example—broadcastAddr.hostAddress=“”


    • Description of an interface.
    • Value—Interface description that is configured on the router. For JunosE routers, it is the description configured with the interface description command.
    • Example—ifAlias=“1st pppoe int”


    • Alternative name of the interface that is used by SNMP. This name is a system-generated name.
    • Value
      • On a JunosE router, the format of the description is
      • On the devices running Junos OS, ifDesc is the same as interfaceName.
    • Example—ifDesc=“IP3/1.1”


    • Name of the interface.
    • Value
      • Name of the interface in your router CLI syntax
      • FORWARDING_INTERFACE for routing instance (used by traffic mirroring)
    • Example—For JunosE routers: interfaceName=“fastethernet6/0.1”

    For devices running Junos OS: interfaceName=“fe-0/1/0.0”

    For forwarding interface: interfaceName=“FORWARDING_INTERFACE”


    • Interface IP address.
    • Value—Valid IPv4 IP address format
    • Example—ipAddress=“”


    • Interface network mask.
    • Value—Valid IPv4 IP network mask format
    • Example—ipMask=“”


    • Maximum transfer unit configured on the interface.
    • Value—32-integer value
    • Example—mtu=“1492”


    • Numeric identifier that the router uses to identify the interface to RADIUS.
    • Value—32-integer value
    • Example—nasPort=“1666”


    • Port identifier of an interface.
    • Value—Includes interface name and additional layer 2 information
    • Example—nasPortId=“fastEthernet 3/1” (There is a space between fastEthernet and slot number 3/1 in the nasPortId.)


    • Login name for PPP subscribers.
    • Value—Login name in the format username@domain
    • Example—pppLoginName=“”


    • RADIUS class attribute.
    • Value—RADIUS class name
    • Example—radiusClass=“Premium”


    • InetAddress of the far end of an L2TP tunnel. If the subscriber interface is an L2TP (LAC) interface, the field contains the address of the LNS. If the subscriber interface is an IP interface on top of an LNS, the field contains the address of the LAC.
    • Value—Valid IPv4 or IPv6 IP address format
    • Example—ipAddress=“”


    • Content of the vendor-specific RADIUS attribute for the service bundle.
    • Value—Name of a service bundle


    • Subscriber IP address (PPP only).
    • Value—valid IPv4 address
    • Example—userIpAddress=“”


    • Name of the virtual router or routing instance.
    • Value—For JunosE routers: name of the virtual router in the format vrname@hostname

      For devices running Junos OS: name of the routing instance

    • Example—virtualRouterName=“default@erx5”

    Modified: 2014-06-12