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    Example: Configuring JunosE Policies for IMS (SRC CLI)

    For IMS environments, you can configure JunosE policies. When you configure classify-traffic conditions, you can set up the software so that the SAE expands into multiple classifiers before it installs the policy on the router. If you enter a list of values in the source and destination network (IP address, mask, and IP operation) or port fields (for port-related protocols), the software creates a classifier for each possible combination of address and port. Note that the software does not expand classifiers for values that are entered as a range.

    Enabling Expansion of JunosE Classify-Traffic Conditions

    To enable the expansion of JunosE classify-traffic conditions:

    1. From configuration mode, access the statement that configures policy management properties on the SAE.
      user@host# edit shared sae configuration policy-management-configuration
    2. Specify whether or not the SAE expands the JunosE classify-traffic conditions into multiple classifiers before it installs the policy on the router.
      [edit shared sae configuration policy-management-configuration] user@host# set enable-JunosE-classifier-expansion

    For more information about expanded classifiers, see Policy Information Model.

    Modified: 2014-06-12