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    Configuring SRC VTA Services and Policies

    Only the SRC VTA should activate and deactivate services that the SRC VTA controls, and you must ensure that these services are not visible on a portal for subscribers to control manually. You can use other services with the SRC VTA if you design the policies and priorities for those services to work together.

    For example, if you manage subscribers with the SRC VTA, you can allow subscribers to manually activate a service that overrides the quota service, and consequently prevents charges in the periodic and bought accounts. You would account for use of this service through RADIUS rather than the SRC VTA, and subscribers would incur an extra cost for using the service. In this case, you configure the overriding service with a higher precedence than the quota service.

    To configure services for the SRC VTA:

    1. Create services for which the SRC VTA monitors and manages usage.
    2. Configure policies that specify ingress and egress accounting rules consistent with the usage formula.

      For information about configuring accounting rules for a policy, see Policy Management Overview.

    Published: 2014-12-16