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    Configuring the SRC VTA to Run Scripts

    To configure the scripts processor:

    1. Configure a JavaScript program or an external script.
    2. Configure an action for the event handler that calls the appropriate script function.

      The action specifies a function that the scripts processor performs on events. You can set up an action to run either an external script or a JavaScript program.

      • Specify the scripts-run-javascript function if the script is a JavaScript.
      • Specify the scripts-run-external-script function if the script is an external script.

      When you specify these functions, you need to specify the name of a script you previously configured by using the shared vta group id processor scripts statement. If the script configuration contains a return-attribute and return-type, an attribute with that name and type are added to the event after the script is executed.

      See Configuring Actions for SRC VTA Event Handlers (SRC CLI)

    3. Configure an event handler and specify the action you configured in Step 2.

      See Configuring Event Handlers (SRC CLI)

    Published: 2014-12-16