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    Running a Configuration Wizard (C-Web Interface)

    The configuration wizard simplifies configuring the most common configuration scenarios.

    To run a configuration wizard using the C-Web Interface:

    1. Click Configure > Configuration Wizard.

      The configuration wizard appears.


      • You can access the configuration wizard only if your privilege is set as superuser.
      • You are prompted to commit or roll back the configuration, if there are any previous uncommitted configuration changes.
    2. Select an option button to locate the standard or custom wizard definition file.
      • To open the standard definition file, enter the name of the wizard definition file you want to run.
      • To upload the customized definition file, click the Browse button and navigate to the specific wizard definition file from your environment. Then click Upload.

        Note: Incorrect changes to the wizard definition file can result in undesired configuration changes. Any customization of the wizard definition file must be approved by Juniper Networks.

    3. In the Tag File text box, enter the name of the tag file.


      • The naming convention of a tag file is <wizard definition filename>_<username>_Cwebtag_<timestamp>.tmp.


        • wizard definition filename—Specifies the name of the wizard definition file.
        • username—Specifies the name of the user.
        • timestamp—Specifies the current system timestamp.
      • You can access the configuration wizard along with the tag file when the tag file is compatible with the wizard definition file. These files are compatible only if the tag file is created from the corresponding wizard definition file.
    4. Click Open wizard. The configuration wizard is displayed. On each wizard pop-up, enter the configuration data.
    5. Click Finish on the final wizard pop-up. The modified CLI data tree is displayed.
    6. Click Commit to commit your changes.

      You can navigate back to the wizard and correct any validation errors by using the <<Go Back button.

    Published: 2014-12-10