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    Configuring Subscribers and Subscriptions Overview

    This topic explains how you can specify the order in which the service activation engine (SAE) activates subscriptions. It also describes how subordinate subscribers inherit properties and subscriptions from their parent subscribers.

    Specifying the Activation Order for Subscriptions

    You can specify the order in which the SAE activates subscriptions that are set up to activate on login for a particular subscriber. To specify the order, you define a precedence for the activation of each subscription. The SAE activates services in ascending order of precedence; if multiple services have the same precedence, the SAE activates them in an unspecified order.

    You can configure the activation order by setting the activation-order option when you configure a subscription to a service with the SRC CLI. The value range is 0–21,474,863,647. By default, the activation order is set as 10,000. The enterprise manager portal automatically sets the activation order of some subscriptions to ensure that they are activated before other subscriptions that depend on them.

    When a subscriber logs out, the SAE deactivates the associated active service sessions in descending order of precedence. This ensures that the associated active service sessions are deactivated in the reverse order from which they were previously activated.

    Inheritance of Properties and Subscriptions

    Subordinate subscribers inherit properties and SAE subscriptions from their parent subscribers, unless you specify a different value for the subordinate. Properties that a subscriber can inherit include the maximum number of concurrent logins and the session timeout value. For example, if you configure a subscription to a video service for an enterprise and configure a different subscription to the same video service for a site within that enterprise, the site uses its own subscription rather than the inherited subscription.

    Published: 2014-12-10