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    SRC Configuration Wizards Overview (SRC CLI)

    The SRC software includes configuration wizards to simplify configuring the most common configuration scenarios. Each configuration wizard uses an XML definition file that generates a specific configuration scenario. Most of the configuration is predefined in the definition file. However, because each configuration scenario is unique, definition files cannot predefine all options, so the wizard prompts you for input specific to your implementation.

    How Configuration Wizards Work (SRC CLI)

    You can invoke a configuration wizard from the SRC CLI. At runtime, the configuration wizard processes the definition file and presents the corresponding configuration steps. The interface prompts you to enter information for any options specific to your configuration that are not predefined in the definition file. The values you enter are used for the respective parameters in the definition file. After you enter all required parameters, the interface displays a list of SRC CLI set commands corresponding to the parameters you entered. After you review the configuration, you can either select Commit to commit the configuration or you can select Back to make changes to the parameters.

    While running a configuration wizard, if you close the wizard midway, the uncommitted configurations are saved to a temporary file called the tag file. The naming convention of a tag file is <wizard definition filename>_<username>_ CLItag _<timestamp>.tmp.


    • wizard definition filename—Specifies the name of the wizard definition file.
    • username—Specifies the name of the user.
    • timestamp—Specifies the current system timestamp.

    You can resume the configuration at any time later by using the [configuration-wizard wizard-name tag tag-file-name] command. When you commit the configuration changes, the saved tag file is automatically deleted.

    Navigating Screens in the Wizard (SRC CLI)

    The wizard interface consists of buttons, which you navigate using the keyboard. Figure 1 shows a sample screen for the configuration wizard. Because each wizard configures a different scenario, each wizard is unique.

    Figure 1: Sample SRC Configuration Wizard Screen (SRC CLI)

    Sample SRC Configuration Wizard
Screen (SRC CLI)

    Table 1 and Table 2 list the buttons and navigation keys for the configuration wizard.

    Table 1: Wizard Buttons (SRC CLI)




    Go to the previous step.


    Go to the next step.


    Stop the execution of the command [configuration-wizard wizard-name tag tag-file-name].


    Select this button only after you configure all arguments.


    Commit the wizard configuration.

    Table 2: Wizard Navigation Keys




    Move between buttons (elements) such as Back, Next, Cancel, Commit, Finish, and so on.

    Space bar

    Select the highlighted button.

    Published: 2014-12-10