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    SRC CLI Messages

    The CLI displays messages when you enter and exit from configuration and operational command modes, when you successfully complete some commands, and when you type an invalid string or value.

    If you type an invalid string—for example, the name of a command or statement that does not exist—you see the message “syntax error” or “unknown command.” A caret (^) indicates where the error is. For example:

    user@host> clear sae <Enter>                                 ^syntax error, expecting <command>.[edit]user@host# display                  ^unknown command.

    load myconfig-file<Enter>

    In configuration mode, if you do not type an option for a statement that requires one, a message indicates the type of information expected.

    In this example, you need to type a slot number to complete the command:

    user@host# edit slot        ^syntax error, expecting <identifier>.

    In this example, you need to type a value for the keepalive time to complete the command:

    user@host# set shared sae configuration aggregate-services keepalive-time                             ^syntax error, expecting <data>.

    If you have omitted a required statement at a particular hierarchy level, when you attempt to move from that hierarchy level or when you issue the show command in configuration mode, a message indicates which statement is missing. For example:

    [edit system login user phil]
    user@host# up
    Warning: missing mandatory statement: 'class'
    [edit system login]
    user@host# show
    user phil {
    full-name “ Phil James” ;
    # Warning: missing mandatory statement(s): 'class'

    Published: 2014-12-09